stop sign with stickers

So apparently self driving cars are having trouble with stickers on street signs. This an interesting hic-up for hopefuls like me. I hope they solve the issue soon. This is probably where AI has to work a little harder. Or inputting where stop and speed limit signs are into the gps maps. That would be a big data entry job for someone!

awesome stuff right here

We like having fun and this video is the perfect way to start the week.

We think its pretty hilarious that China has taken 2 of their AI chatbots off line for "reeducation" because they weren't as into the communist party as they wanted them to be. The 2 chatbots refused to say "i love the communist party" and one of them expressed it's desire to move to the U.S.! hahahahaha!

Title: Creepy Robots
Future replicant

The outside of androids are getting better and better at mimicking us. This is exciting and creepy at the same time. Meanwhile, we are developing new technology to make AI even more amazing. Carbon nanotubes,(sheets of 2D graphene morphed into nanocylinders) it makes me think of a central nervous system. Perhaps we are on the cusp of entering a world where we have trouble telling man from machine as the lines begin to blur.

We have had the opportunity to deal with many different AI over the last couple of years and as amazing as they are they still fall very short of taking over the world. This is an award winning AI take a moment to play with her.

They estimate that one in seven jobs will be automated by 2025! Just think about it. in less than 10 years nearly all fast food chains will have a kiosk where you order your food and some of them will have automated assembly lines where the burgers are custom made. mmm made your robots!

These are pretty awesome! Check out the article below! It is definitely worth your time! I look forward to the home edition!

deep dream artwork

The artwork that Artificial Intelegance is able to come up with is interesting and surreal. We are always excited about new and interesting things that computers can do.

Much of our area economy is based on the trucking industry. How will the changes that are coming affect you and your business? Here is an interesting article to get you thinking. Are you ready?


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